Resetter Epson C90

Easy to use and small file

Ways resetter epson C90

  1. Turn the printer epson c90
  2. Change the date to July 11, 2007 PC, right-click on the taskbar-bottom-right corner, then select "Adjust Date / Time", change the date of 11 July 2007
  3. Open Reset.exe files, files that are already on dowload
  4. Click Particular adjustment mode
  5. In Adjustment Programs window, click the "waste ink pad counter"
  6. Make sure the printer is connect and on, click "Check"
  7. Click Ok, and a confirmation will appear "The waste ink pad counter value has been read properly"
  8. Click, OK, then click the "initialization", after that will be required off the printer, then turning again.
  9. At this stage, your printer has been reset, to find out click-Check, and then look under the tab "Main counte pad", if the value is "0" point, means success.
  10. Please "Normalised" return date / time of your computer.
  11. Finish.

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Donaid bare said...

Thanks for sharing this useful information its really beneficial for people like me who doesn't have much knowledge about resetting printers.
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